Everyday Skincare Favourites

Hello gorgeous people,

I wanted to take some time and update this blog with some of my favourite, holy-grail, can’t live without skincare products. The products that I will be talking about might as well be tagged under #empties because I have truly gone through a few bottles of these. I will likely be mentioning more than one product in a single skincare category such as masks for example which means I’ve tried both and have picked those as my favourites out of everything I have tried!

A lot of the listed products are specific to my skin type which oily and acne-prone skin. I’ve struggled with skin depigmentation as well as constant breakouts leading to blemishes all over, and because of some of these products listed below and consistent care I’ve come a long way 🙂


Always the recommended first step after taking your makeup off with makeup wipes or a pre-cleanser to make sure all the makeup gunk is off before you start your skincare routine

  1. Clinique Cleanser (Step 3) – combination to oily skin

Ive been using this for ages and it works as a great cleanser for oily skin and a bit more economical compared to the Fresh soy cleanser.

2. Fresh Soy Face Cleanser


This cleanser doesn’t only do the job of a cleanser  but also of makeup remover – I’ve used it to take off my eye makeup when I’ve been out of makeup wipes and the formula is very sensitive. No eye irritations! Fresh is also known to use natural products (e.g. soy in this particular one) which makes it great for anyone with sensitive skin. While this can be more expensive compared to some drug store cleansers – I think its truly worth every penny.


  1. Dermalogica Daily Microexfoliant*


So if you don’t already own this you need to asap. This skincare product has changed my skin and my life! Its the best microexfoliant I’ve ever tried and trust me I’ve tried quite a few. Its a rice enzyme based product – completely natural ingredients making it great for any skin type, sensitive, oily or dry. We all need to exfoliate whatever your skin type may be and everyone needs to try this product. It evens skin tone, cleans pores and rids impurities while brightening the skin. For me the results were actually immediate!

Face Masks

  1. Dermalogica Sebum Clearing Mask


Great for oily skin and preventing acne or breakouts. I use it three times a week!

Facial Oil

  1. Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Oil*


Face oil is often considered harmful on an already oily skin and thought to be mostly for people with extremely dry skin. Please take that notion out of your heads now! myth debunked! I guess I’m just an all around myth buster 😛

So this product is amazing and a must-have anti-aging regimen as part of your skincare. Facial oil helps moisturize the skin while maintaining elasticity and fighting off free radicals that are known to cause the dreaded wrinkles and an aged appearance. For someone with an oily skin, using face oil actually helps reduce the amount of oil your skin naturally produces. Hence, after using this product at night, I often wake up in the morning with youthful looking skin (yes noticeable the very next day) and produce less oil throughout the day.

This powerful anti-oxidant is packed with all these amazing oils including seaberry oil (which is considered to be a natural healer in certain parts of the world) along with a handful of omegas.  Goes on right before your moisturizer and as part of a night-time routine for someone with oily skin.

Moisturizer (winter edition)

  1. Biotherm Aquaderm Cocoon


During the winter months, my very oily skin becomes quite dehydrated and dry to the point where I experience visible flaky skin on certain parts of my face. Not very attractive and can’t be healthy either. So the best moisturizer Ive come across during the winter months that is not too light or gel-like (better to use in the summer for someone with oily skin) and not extremely rich and thick (which is more for someone with dry skin) — a nice balance in the middle. It would hands down have to be this particular moisturizer.

Its extremely moisturizing and known to be hydrating while not being overly thick and rich causing further breakouts (for someone with oily skin). Its the better of both worlds basically 🙂

Eye Cream

  1. Benefit It’s potent! Eye Cream


Best eye cream out there – fairly affordable and great quality compared to other eye creams out in the market.

These are just some of my favourites from 2015. Let me know some of yours in each of the categories and why you like them 🙂 I love learning about new skin care products so I can try some new ones out.

xo Shay



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