What’s Old is New: 90s-Inspired Grunge/Greige Lips

Hello lipstick lovers,

I am here to swatch and talk about a few of my favourite brown lipstick shades inspired by my the one and only decade I grew up in; the good ol’ 90s. If you think back to 90s fashion trends, one that invariably sticks out is the brown lip trend – many different shades of brown, from nude browns to dark, chocolatey grungy browns. And its not surprise that the brown lip trend is definitely back in all its glory.

Lets better get this party started (yes that was meant to be a Pink reference – this being a 90s throwback and all 😛 )

Jeffree Star Cosmetics




This is the perfect chocolate brown that would suit any skin tone. This is a great alternative and matches very close to Kylie Jenner’s True Brown K and you can buy this baby for the price of $18 vs $29 for the Kylie lip kit. Buy it here

Androgyny – perfect brown based nude


Buy it here

Colourpop Cosmetics

If you haven’t tried colourpop liquid lipsticks, you are missing out friend! They are seriously the bomb. Not only are they only $6 a piece, the colour pay off for the price is pretty amazing as evident from the lip swatches below. The only thing negative I will say about these liquid lipsticks compared to the others on the list is that the formula tends to more drying on the lips.

Buy them here


LAX (left)

This happens to be another one of my favourites. Its the perfect brownish red (a burgundy shade that never quits). Think of Mac Diva but with more brown added to it. This brownish red looks great on a medium to dark skin tone compared to a blue toned red.

Limbo (right)

Another coffee brown shade on this list – very similar to dominatrix but not as rich and chocolatey – think of a mocha latte instead of dark pure chocolate.

Kapow – the most grungiest shade on here (greige)

This a bit of an unique colour on this list because it doesn’t necessarily have an obvious brown tone to it but it is definitely very grungy and trendy and had to be part of a 90s inspired list. Id describe it as a brownish grey with an ever so hint of purple 😛 Definitely one of my favourites on the list.



I was tempted to find some examples of  icons from the 90s rocking the brown lip trend – here are a few. Enjoy!



~ “Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together” ~ Elizabeth Taylor





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