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If you are an avid online shopper like myself, you will love this list. Personally I find shopping online in the comfort of my couch a thousand times better than shopping in person at the mall. Its safe to say gone are the days when going to the mall was an exciting outing on a friday night. Now I usually dread long hours at the mall! Here are some reasons why –

  1. no lines, no hassles
  2. shopping in peace without having to fight to get to things. Extremely hard to find things in your size etc in a messy, crowded store.
  3. Ability to browse through a lot more options to make an informed decision. This usually results in me taking much longer to make a decision on something where I’ll sit on an item for days in my “shopping cart” before I hit the checkout button. But thats also just me with most things, I like to take my time before I purchase something especially something with a  hefty price tag. A girl’s gotta make sure she’s checked out her other options and this ones the real winner 😛
  4. You can often find similar products being sold at stores for much cheaper online (including big brand names)

While there are pros of shopping online, there are also a few cons. You don’t get to try on the products and sometimes that is the best way to decide whether you like something or not. This is why I tend to look for online retailers that offer free returns and have either free or reasonable shipping rates. Also measuring yourself before purchasing pants or certain fitted clothing and comparing to the size charts provided becomes pretty important with online shopping – I would always double and triple check the size charts!

I am listing a few of my favourite go-to online retailers. This list will exclusively list online based or independent brands and not necessarily big brand names such as Nordstrom, HnM or Forever 21 which I am sure we are all aware, exists online. Check em out!

Fashion (a.k.a shoes and clothes)

This is a great online retail that I frequent often. It sells an array of things from clothing to shoes to accessories. It is truly a one stop shop and houses items from several different independent brands. Asos also has a free shipping and free return option for all their products worldwide! This makes it highly practical incase there is something that didn’t quite live up to your expectation. The only downside of Asos is that it does take a long time for your product to come with the free standard shipping option. It often takes things about three to four weeks to be delivered. Definitely worth checking out!

Another one of my favourite retailers. Many of you may be aware of this one but it was started by Sophia Amoruso (the author of the amazing book #GirlBoss which everyone should check out). Their style is very bohemian chic but I love that and the grungy flair to all their products doesn’t hurt either 😉 I have found some very interesting accessories and shoes on this site and all were great quality products. Also great prints on dresses 🙂

This a independent fashion boutique based in NYC. But I absolutely love their online store. They carry all the latest trends in fashion and accessories for a very low price. I have found similar products here that I loved at Nordstrom but paid a fraction of the price for them. Great quality on the products as well. It isn’t free shipping however and is dependent on your state.

This is another great online bohemian-esque retailer that I love. They are however a bit on the pricier end because they tend to carry some high-end designer brands such as Free People. However, they tend to sell brand name products at sale price so if you ever wanted that Free people maxi, this might be a great place to check out and see if you can snag one for a discount 😛

This is very similar to Vandevort in the sense that it tends to carry high end designer items for a discounted price. Every few days they will have a sale event for a particular brand with limited quantities which is why I like keeping up with it because you can find some real designer gems on here for an exceptional deal.

Home Stuffs

The following two links are for two of my favourite online store for all things home and furniture. I have purchased rugs, a TV stand and wall art online which is super useful because those are things are tough to always carry home with you from the store. This way it is delivered to your door. Both the sites feature really great trendy things for the home from furniture to kitchen ware. You can find stuff that look exactly like stuff at West Elm or Pottery Barn but for a lot cheaper! Thats always a bonus in my books!

Hope you folks enjoyed my list of online retailers I shop with. If you have any that you like to use, please let me know in the comments. I love discovering new online stores.

Happy shopping beautiful people ~ xo

Shay ∇


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