An Instagrammers Guide to San Diego

san diego, california
San Diego sunset

I recently had the opportunity to visit the magical city of San Diego over the summer. While it was short lived (around 3.5 days), I packed in all the things into my 3 days. Really all you need is to channel that inner wanderlust folks and tout est possible.

I’d like to share some of my favourite locations in town from the lens of a blogger/ instagrammer.

How to get around

Just a heads up before we dive into this guide, having  a car in San Diego is essential especially when you only have a few days to get everything in. While they do have a public transit system, it is quite limited and does not connect all parts of the city very well. You, of course, have the options of Lyft and Uber in the city in case you really won’t have any access to a car.

What to do/ Where to go


Its SoCal guys, beaches are an absolute must and could there ever be a more perfect spot to shoot for your blog than the open beach and the crashing waves of the ocean nearby.

La Jolla Cove/Shores

One of the more unique and picturesque places to visit is definitely La Jolla Cove and Shores area. The beaches are dotted with cliffs and rocks compared to some of the other beaches in the San Diego that tended to be open vast beach area with the ocean. La Jolla also boasts some of San Diego’s best shopping boutiques as well as cute little ice cream shops. Definitely stop by at Bobboi Natural Gelato for some deliciousness when you’re here. And you’re welcome.

La Jolla


One of the coolest things to check out here has to be the sea lions and seals that have basically made La Jolla cove their official hangout spot. Just make sure to not get too close to these cool cats, they will “bark” at you to give them their personal space, understandably so. You’re kinda in their territory.



Sunset Cliffs at Ocean Beach

This is one of the best places to catch that famous SoCal sunset in the city. Located right by the very “hipster” Ocean Beach, go here on a Wednesday which is when they have their farmer’s market. Grab a bite to go from the unique selections at the market and then head to the cliffs to enjoy some dinner and sunset on the rocks. I really don’t think there was a more serene spot than on these cliffs, watching the sunset.






Moonlight Beach, Encinitas

One of my favourite beaches we visited. The sand was warm and soft, the water equally warm so getting in the water was the best decision I ever made. A great non-touristy yet picturesque spot to have the perfect beach day. Getting to Encinitas (a small township outside the main city) took only about 30-40 minutes from the city driving. The town is littered with instagrammable coffee shops and shopping boutiques.

Moonlight Beach, Encinitas, California
Hanging out at Moonlight Beach, California

Coronado Beach, Coronado

This was such a unique beach town. The sand sparkled gold (if you don’t believe, just take a look at the pictures below). Another unique part of this beach was the grand Hotel Del Coronado located right on the boardwalk as you see in the photo below. Doesn’t it look like it could be in a Wes Anderson movie?

It is one of the oldest hotels in America, preserved in all its vintage glory from the Victorian era. It is considered a National Historic Landmark in America and with good reason. There is a shopping mall inside the hotel which also gives you an opportunity to check out the interiors of the hotel.

hotel del coronado on coronado beach
view of Hotel Del Coronado from the Coronado Beach
pool area inside the hotel grounds
coronado beach
Golden sand


Torrey Pines hike – The Beach Trail

I mean this hike should be a must-see on everyone’s list of things to do in San Diego. Even if you’re not much of a hiker or outdoorsy (but seriously what are you doing in California then?!),I can’t recommend it enough. The trail had nature in all its forms. Starting with dry dessert like paths strewn with succulents growing naturally with crazy rocky mountain formations at the next corner. And the ending, the ending was the best part. You basically make your way down the cliff which leads all the way down to the shores of the Pacific Ocean (as pictured below).

Pick the “Beach Trail: (there are several other trail options on this hike), but this one has to be the most picturesque. Ending a long trail with the pacific ocean waiting to greet me at the end was really the perfect ending to an adventurous hike.

Looking out towards the finish line, starting out the trail
torrey pines hike
At the end of the Beach Trail, finish line
Torrey Pines Hike, San Diego
Spot a Shay in her natural habitat (aka the ocean)




This store captured my aesthetic and design just so well and I fell in love. It is a interior decor, and jewellery store with several other unique finds. A huge section dedicated to succulents and growing your own plants. I wanted to get one of everything here which can get quite dangerous for my wallet. The pictures should really speak well to this space. It is located in the North Park area of San Diego where you can fine several cute cafes, super vibey vintage stores and great restaurants and bars. Definite must see on an instagrammer’s list.


Shop here

Salt Culture Boutique 

This cute little boutique in Encinitas sold clothing, shoes and interior decor. Another really gorgeous space that also gave me major interior decor inspiration. If you’re on the hunt for unique pieces of clothing, you should make this an absolute pit stop. To check out some of their pieces click here



Where to Eat and Drink

The Fish shop – several locations around town


The freshest of all the fish tacos I consumed in San Diego. Seafood is just amazing in San Diego, you can really taste how fresh everything is.

Poki One N Half, North Park

poki one n half

photo ©PokiOnenHalf

One of the best pokes I’ve ever had so far, like ever. Please go try it if you’re ever in San Diego.

One of the reasons I love instagram is the community that you get to interact with, a fellow follower and instagrammer recommended this place to me and I am forever indebted to them.

Communal Coffee (aka Coffee and Flowers)


This beautiful coffee shop sold flowers and postcards. Much hipster very instagrammable. Enough said. 😀


Few Blogger Travel Essentials

Swiss gear Carry-on                                                                                            packing organizers

Sony Alpha-6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera: Click on the image to shop
This is what I shot all my pictures with: it’s the perfect camera for the travel blogger since you can directly upload pictures from your camera to your phone or laptop completely wirelessly and on the go)
Manfrotto Tripod:
A tripod is essential when that instagram husband isn’t available to take those amazing travel self portraits:P  This one works great, I’ll do a post on how I take my own self portraits very soon. Click on the link to shop.

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