3 Days in Barcelona

My first introduction to the truly Spanish way of living happened in the wonderfully unique city of Barcelona. As a design enthusiast, I knew the unique architecture the city so famously boasts would be of much interest to me. Antoni Gaudi was a Catalan modernist architect whose works around Barcelona are world renowned and one of the main tourist attractions in the city. His unique style to architecture is often emulated but never replicated.

Besides famous architectural buildings, the city has so much more to offer. From beaches to mountains to a vibrant night life and that amazing Spanish tapas, it has it all.

I just couldn’t wait to wander and get lost.

Casa Battlo: one of Gaudi’s famous works

Gothic Quarter

If you’re in Barcelona, you have to go to the gothic quarters. It feels like you are walking through the streets of King’s Landing. And as a huge Game of Thrones fan, I was more than happy to immerse myself and get lost in this part of the city. The gothic quarter looks as the name sounds, it hosts the oldest parts of Barcelona with the buildings and streets maintained from the medieval times.


Barcelona cathedral gothic quarter
Famous Cathedral of Barcelona



Mount Tibidabo

Take a cable car (aka The Funicular) ride to get on top of the hill, where you will find yourself at a cathedral and a all boy’s hostel. Some of the views atop the hill is amazing and the cable car, in my opinion, is the best way to make your way up, although you do have the option of driving up as well.



Inside The Cathedral atop Mount Tibidabo

Parc Guel

This is a public park that is as strange as it is completely magical. Everything in here looked like I entered Whoville, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Dr. Seuss might have gotten his inspiration from Gaudi. It consists of several of Gaudi’s work at landscaping as well as other architectural units. It’s a must visit. It does get quite crowded and to ensure getting in, buy your tickets online ahead of time.






Sagrada Familia

One of the more famous of Gaudi’s works is the Sagrada Familia, a new age modern cathedral (a stark contrast from the architecture seen in the gothic quarter). And one of the more mesmerizing and interesting places I’ve ever visited. It remains unfinished as Gaudi passed away before he could complete it. But the construction continues. Hence all the construction cranes all year around.


Spiralling Staircase inside the Sagrada Familia

DSC00759Walking down these spiralling narrow staircase to explore the many towers of the cathedral is not for the faint of heart. it is quite narrow and there are no side railings to hold onto as you make your way down these twisty stairs. However, its worth every bit.

Try going to the Sagrada in the morning hours to avoid massive crowds, especially if you want to do the tour of the towers with the spiralling stairs as mentioned above. Trust me you won’t enjoy large crowds while doing the stairs.

The Food

All I have to say about the food is try everything. Try the paellas, the horchatas, the tapas, the sangrias, and of course jamon (spanish ham); just everything is delicious and worth indulging in.


Jamon and Sangria
Famous Iberico Jamon and Sangria


Enjoy some Flamenco dancing with your dinner. That’s what we did, they have several dinner and dance options available.

Happy wandering as always darlings.

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